Adventure Bay has a Permanent Spot in our Home

So as a parent I really enjoy the things in life that make it easier. Things that keep your kids quiet and calm for at least ten mins—that’s a big deal! What are some of the things that help Mason? Interactive toys and toys that he can use his imagination!

Well, “Paw Patrol is on a roll” is in this household that’s for sure. Our televisions have to be tuned in at 9:00 am, 12:00 pm and 3:15 pm. After seeing Masons love for it, we knew we had to find him something that was perfect for his age now and as he gets older.

And that’s when we found the Paw Patrol My Size Look Out Tower by Spin Master. (Parents you can send me a nice crisp pinot grigio for making your life easier).

Fun Facts and Features that I LOVE:

Its 2 ½ feet tall and is so sturdy

It has a little periscope at the top so all your kids can look out the tower and keep an eye on “Adventure Bay.” Mason is obsessed with the periscope and when you turn it of course it makes mechanical noises.

It comes with, what most parents seem to think is the most popular character and his car, good ol’ Chase because he seems to always be “on the case,” along with a little Marshall figurine. Other characters and cars are sold separately.

Each character slides down the slide and it has a flip feature at the bottom to make them jump into their vehicle just like on the show!

Each character’s car obviously goes to their assigned colour, which spins so you can then launch off each of their vehicles.

There is so much more to this toy then just that, like the back pack storage centre, interactive lights and sounds that go along with any mission where your kids imagination takes them.


Learn more about the Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower today and order it below!

Canada: Spin Master, Walmart, Toys R Us

United States: Walmart & Target

This is the perfect interactive toy for your kids to pretend they are in an episode of their favourite show!

Look out for my November gift guide coming out next month for kids to see what other goodies Paw Patrol and Spin Master have to offer!!

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