Reindeer Pancakes with Maple Leaf Foods

The holidays bring all sorts of happiness and you should all know that by now and I love finding new ways to make it more fun and more interactive with my munchkins.  One way to do this is by making breakfast, lunch or dinner a little more entertaining!How do you do that?  Well for breakfast the boys scream for Maple Leaf Foods Breakfast sausage so I thought to myself, how can I make this more fun? I mean, I absolutely love to make the boys smile and if I can do that when I put their plates down in front of them (not all the time obviously), then I will give it a shot.  Especially for Mason, he has become the pickiest when it comes to eating and anything I can do make sure he eats, I’ll try it.  So this time I tried…Reindeer Pancakes- obviously! 

Reindeer Pancakes

 -one package Maple Leaf Foods Natural Breakfast Sausages

-7 medium sized pancakes

-Red Mini Eggs (can be found at a bulk store), or you can use a raspberry

-little edible eyes

-melted chocolate 


1.) Cook up your Maple Leaf Foods Natural Breakfast Sausages!

2.) Cooke your pancakes- for perfect circles use a stovetop safe cookie cutter

3.) once done place two pancakes on plates and use the rest of the pancakes to cut out the ears and snout of the reindeer

4.) slice Maple Leaf Foods Natural Breakfast Sausages in half to create the reindeers antlers

5.) melt some chocolate and place on eyes so eye ball edibles stick

6.) finish off your reindeer with the famous red nose or mini egg. 

The whole point of this fun holiday recipe is ensuring my kids are getting real food in them! And that’s why I can’t stress enough about Maple Leaf Foods, they never hide their simple ingredients and are always in the best interest of families. My kids love it cause it tastes great and once you can add a little reindeer too it, the kids won’t forget!  Mason is always asking for his reindeer pancakes with sausage for every meal of the day now.


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