30 1/2 weeks & counting…

main2At 30 ½ weeks aka at 7 ½+ months and counting and things are getting more and more exciting and annoying all at the same time! The excitement of meeting this new little being that has been kicking me in the ribs daily is crazy, but what’s not exciting? Forgetting what sleep is like.






We have started to put the room together first step was taking apart the bed and everything that was in there to make room for a crib. Someone who is not impressed by this transition is our pup Kimbo, who sat by my side with the look of fear in his eyes as we emptied the room. I have now noticed it’s his favorite room in the house because he is always trying to sneak in there. I could never picture our lives without our dog and one thing is for sure… he knows what’s going on. My favourite thing is when he puts his little paw on my stomach and sits there. Once he feels a kick though the look of shock makes you literally LOL!main3

You can read all the forums in the world and get all the advice in the world, but every pregnancy is different, one thing that isn’t though is the lack of sleep. I wake up constantly in the night to go to the washroom, which now consists of me rolling out of bed. And those times I think I am in a deep sleep dreaming? Nope it’s more like a day dream because I open up my eyes on command, the mind just keeps going on over drive! It doesn’t help when you are constantly thinking about all the things we still have to do, but I know a lot will get done in the next few weeks.main4

My shower is right around the corner and I cannot wait to share photos with you all about it! Its going to be a nice way to celebrate and get my mind off of everything. With just my closest friends there it’s the intimate setting I always wanted and it’s a nice way to get out of the house. Lately, I have been hibernating in my house not wanting to make interactions with anyone due to the fact that my dresses are not being so sweet to me anymore and the thought of having to waddle where ever I go isn’t appealing!!

One thing that is totally exciting that we got is the Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Portable Lounger & Changer – Waterloo (to match our swing and highchair of course)!! I cannot wait to write a full review once baby comes, but I can tell that this is going to be such a saviour from when baby is a newborn up until the little man becomes a toddler! What’s great about this playard is how it comes with a Portable lounger and changer that moves with you around the home and comes with all these features I just cannot wait to tell you guys about! If you are a mommy to be or have a little one I recommend you check out this product, the mommy’s that I talk to that have this already and are using it, LOVE IT and is such a big help day to day!1928497_B

At this point I will say one thing, the last 30 ½ weeks have FLOWN BY. I don’t know where the time has gone and I think at this point we will never be 100% prepared. But I know in the near future I am going to have another man added to my life (husband and Kimbo count as two <3) and I cannot wait for what’s in store. I cannot wait to put face finally to the little man who has been dancing around in my stomach, and cannot wait to experience the true meaning of love at first sight.


What is a product that you can’t live without as a mommy or mommy to be?

Purchase this Graco product at your nearest Babies R Us

OR click below:

Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Portable Lounger & Changer – Waterloo


4 thoughts on “30 1/2 weeks & counting…”

  • How exciting!! Congratulations and all the very best to you in these final 10 weeks! The item I simply couldn’t live without is the My Brest Friend breastfeeding pillow. We also bought and used the travel (inflatable) version. They helped so much to decrease back pain! There are many other “can’t live without” items for me such as a double electric breast pump, and a baby swing, but the breastfeeding pillow was definitely the first thing to come to mind

    • My friend actually just got that pillow and she said the same thing also! I love when there are products that everyone loves because then you really get a piece of mind about it! Everything is so new to me!!! But so far i am taking all the advice I can get!! Love your blog Bridget keep up the awesome posts!! 🙂

  • so excited for you Georgia. Can’t wait to meet the little guy. We have the Graco pack and play as well and it was a life saver for our small place. Becca slept in it for the first 2 months and now we use it in our new house in the livingroom as a change table and toy catcher as babies come with a ton.
    For the first 2 months the mamaroo swing was my sanity saver. Depending on Beccas mood, there is 6 different movements and 5 different speeds. She still uses it at 5 months, but not as much as she’s now interactive.
    When they are newbies you need something to put them in so you can make something to eat, throw in a load of laundry, but most of all, go to the bathroom. Not as easy as it once was with a little person relying on you for everything.
    Now it’s her baby Einstein play mat. Best one for when they first start learning to grab. She started to use it at 2 months. She has a fisher price one as well, but the toys are really high and she can now just reach them. Also the baby Einstein mat folds up and is so easy to take with you anywhere you go. Something to think about as you will be toting that lil guy everywhere with you.
    Now at 5 months, her favorite toy is the fisher price jumparoo. She loves it. I hope this helps. Xo

    • Well I cannot wait to see you so you can give me a full list of everything I need! I have the mommaroo on my babies r us registry and you just confirmed what I already thought. That its a saviour! I think I remember you posting photos Becca <3 in it and I was like YAY!!!
      Graco products I feel like are amazing and I am so happy you have the pack and play because obviously your my cousin and trust your opinion!!! Any advice you can give me throw it at me 🙂

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