7 Uses For Bio-Oil

So I have expressed over and over again my passion for Bio-Oil.

I mean you’ve all heard the whole story about “what women carry in their bags?” Well, I have my little travel size with me wherever I go and I’m constantly using it!  Since there are so many things we could use Bio-Oil for, it only makes sense to carry it with us at all times! If you don’t have one in your purse, I recommend it’s the next thing you buy!

I’m going to give you seven uses for Bio-Oil that hopefully a lot you don’t already know about 🙂

1.) Stretch marks, pregnant or not I apply bio-oil constantly to stretch marks that I have had for years and the help is incredible. 

2.) Dry skin. I know right?? You have no idea. It’s unbelievable how much moisture this little bottle of heaven adds to our skin day to day.

3.) Hair care. I apply a tiny amount to dry hair to help with fly always or on damp hair before styling.

4.) My hairline- I have psoriasis and it’s something that when I have breakouts it’s awful. Applying it helps prevent the break out for me and keeps my skin getting vitamins they need.

5.) Makeup remover, yup I take a cotton pad prior to using my face wash and wipe my face with bio oil to help restore the nutrients back into my face.

6.) Helps prevent chapping of my lips especially with the air getting crisper and colder. 

7.) After sun care… I actually got burnt a bit on my past travel and every day after my shower I would use bio oil as after sun care and it totally help! 

Now do yourself a favour and if you don’t have this in your house already! Get it! Because it’s another time we start using products that have multiple purposes and show results!

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