A Bouncing Good Time

Bouncer Mini - Light pink, Cotton (2)When expecting a little being there are so many things that you need. Some may just be wants (you should see my list of wants), but that’s okay too.  I have come to the conclusion that if you are looking for opinions there are a ton, and its okay to get overwhelmed, because along the way what might work for someone else might not work for you. On that note, I will say one brand I am loving and can’t get enough of is BABYBJÖRN. I posted a while ago about the Carrier One, which I cannot wait to use, and then I laid my eyes on…. The BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Mini

This is a knew product that is going to take everyone by storm! I think this a great product to have for your newborn up to six months of age that’s for sure! This is adorable because has your little one start to figure out how to use their little motor skills and they will be bouncing in this product all by themselves!

Another bonus with this product is how easy it was to assemble, literally MIND BLOWN and honestly took two minutes out of our day. This product can easily detach to store flat anywhere in your house when you’re not using it. If it doesn’t take up space to me that is an added bonus I will tell you that much!Bouncer Mini - Light pink, Cotton (1)

This bouncer changes into two positions also, one for baby playing and one for taking a snooze, not to mention, if baby has an accident on the bouncer FEAR NOT because the fabric can easily be removed and washed—so no it’s not the end of the world.Bouncer Mini - Silver, Cotton (6)

All of BABYBJÖRN’s products are worked on with well-known pediatricians so rest assured that your little one will have the proper “neck and back support… as their muscles are not yet fully developed.” What’s even more fun? The fact that this bouncer changes positions for whether baby wants to play and check things out or just wants to be left alone for a good old nap.

On a side note I totally recommend buying the Wooden Toy for the Baby Bouncer!!! It will definitely get babies attentions along with the benefit of encouraging them to play! Personally, when we got it I stayed there spinning this thing for a good seven minutes out of amusement. This toy will fit any BABYBJÖRN Bouncer you may have!Bouncer Mini - Light pink, Cotton (3)


The BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Mini comes in various colour options! I got the silver/grey because neutral is my thing 😛

Get the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Mini and the Wooden Toy for the Baby Bouncer from Babies R Us or any major retailer that carries BABYBJÖRN

Click HERE for the full list of retailers!

Watch baby have a bouncing good time!


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