A Comfortable Way to Eat, Drink, Repeat

1928311_aSo, I get it, $370 sounds like a lot of money— not to mention it is a lot of money. But, when it’s on something that is pretty much one of the most amazing things I own and it will last Mason for years to come, it’s worth every red cent.

Picking a highchair was something I thought over and over about. Which is going to last him the longest? Which is the easiest one to store and clean everyday? After fighting with myself over and over again, I ran into the Graco Blossom 4 in1 seating system and I practically panicked because I knew Mason needed to have this immediately! It was perfect.  There are so many options I just could go on and on, but most of all it is as safe as highchairs get.

Here are some of the features about this seating system:

  • First off, there is a storage basket attached to the back of the highchair where we keep all of his bibs and face wipes! There are always right there for when we need them!
  • IT COMES WITH 3 TRAYS!…. And if it wasn’t for the instructions I would not have even known! Not to mention the fact I can throw the full tray and snack tray in the dishwasher (insert excited face here)
  • The 3 or 5 harness system which keeps our little nuggets safe and comfortable! The recliner system on this bad boy is amazing… It’s like your own personal Lazy Boy.
  • Another important thing the lifespan of these high chairs. It converts from a highchair to an infant booster, then a toddler booster and THEN a youth chair! Not to mention, this also helps if you have two little ones.  It can be used for two different children at different life stages!blossomhc_4modes-2

(Once your little one is 60 lbs. and over though it will be time to retire this and by this point it has totally served its purpose and then some)

Now Mason being almost 14 months, we have lowered the height and he eats at the table, which we adore.  And, it also gives him the ability his to pawn off any foods he dislikes to favourite little four legged friend, Kimbo. (I was wondering what made Kimbo finally warm up to him, and here we have it)

So ladies and gents when looking for a highchair even though at the end of the day its totally up to you, this has worked for us and will continue to for years to come! So next time you’re out and run into this, try not to leave without it!img_2994-4-copy


To check out or order you Graco Blossom Seating System today CLICK HERE <3

Ughhh and I just have to add the fact that there is a foot rest and extra cushion that you can keep in or take out for your little one as they get older <3



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