A Ladies Cave with HomeSense

“Man Cave”, it’s a term that we hear over and over again.

But, I mean, come on what about a “lady cave” because momma got herself one and I’ve never been happier!

For me I work from home and its not always easy to be motivated while sitting on the couch watching GMA.  So, we have two spare rooms in our basement, one for the boys and all their toys (their little man cave) and the other I took overbecause I could not continue to almost spill my daily coffee(s) on my laptop anymore.

Well once I had my mind made up, where I was going to shop for everything was a given. My home away from home- HomeSense.

There are still things I need here and there, but you know what? I’m so happy and to have a such a cozy room all complete.  And most of all, only spending under $800.00 is something people just can’t say or do -especially when furniture is involved. 

My seating nook – I don’t know why this is my favourite spot. It’s cozy, a little spot for people to come chit chat before I kick them out or me to just sit back and read the trashiest gossip magazine I have in the house at this time!

-Set of five mirrors were only $29.99 (comes in multiple colours)

-Chair- $99.99

-Table- $99.98

For the actual desk, my perfect desk, honestly, you know the term love at first sight? That was literally me, I stood there yelling at Luke to find a sales associate so no one would take my dream desk from me! The gold accents are just a dream! 

Desk- $179.99 (how is that even real right)

Initials- $12.99

Chair- $99.99

Lamp- $49.99

Hashtag- $16.99

Sign (Wine to Five)- $9.99

Okay, I know did I really need an adorable grey desk for the boys in my office where I need to work? The answer is YES!

Honestly, that desk opens up and has their markers and colouring books and they sit there and colour for as long as they have patience and it’s the cutest ever! They have their own spot and as Mason says its to do their “work”. And they needed a mini shag rug because- it’s just too cute! 

Kids Desk- $59.99

Kids Chair- $29.99

Shag Rub- $16.99

There is so much more in that room that I honestly can’t wait to share with you guys!

The carpet from Homesense is literally $89.99 and has the perfect pop of blue that’s brought out throughout the whole room!

On the other side of the room I’m creating a photo collage, but that’s for a later date!

So, again everything you see in this room is HomeSense. It’s a one stop shop for me and it’s amazing to walk into a store, able to buy everything you need to create a room in the house yet not break the bank!

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