A little touch of sun and Bio-Oil

So we all know that me and the fam went on a beautiful and somewhat relaxing vacay! It was amazing but without the right essentials it can quickly go downhill!! That’s why Bio-Oil is one of the first things I packed in my suitcase!! 

With applying sunscreen, swimming and sweating all the time while away (or even here at home) we must shower a lot more often which dries out our skin! Seriously, oil is the best moisturizer there is, so I definitely recommend it over most moisturizers on the market.

Another instance when Bio-Oil came in handy for me was days before we left I laid out to tan, but got burnt. When I got to Punta Cana I was literally peeling on my shoulders— By the way, one of the least attractive things ever. I actually put Bio-Oil on my peeling skin and it completely stopped it!! It was giving my skin all the moisture and vitamins it needed. Remember it’s filled with Vitamin A and E along with lavender, rosemary and so much more!

So every day while on vacation after visiting the pool or the beach, I applied this protective layer to my skin. Oh by the way, did I mention it isn’t greasy at all on skin!! And now that I’m back home, I apply Bio-Oil! Even Luke’s on the band wagon now too!!

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