A Little Yoga Tree Goes a Long Way

IMG_3496It’s all about getting into a Zen state of mind and doing some Yoga people! The event for the new Yoga Tree at Bay and Dundas was a blast! And I must say, Yoga Tree studios in Toronto are breathtaking, with amazing instructors helping you make your body twist in ways you didn’t even think were possible. Founded by Debbie Fung and Jason Lu in 2007 they have made an environment with their studios that makes you want to come back for more!

As soon as you walked into the event you smelt lit ginger soy candles lingering in the air. You take off your shoes and that’s when it all begins. First stop was the amazing foot and hand massages, which you could’ve fallen asleep instantly, once your done that why not make a stop at the bar kombuchabar and move onto the second floor where the party continues.




Dim lighting, a great DJ and a room filled with people was just the beginning. I ran straight to the henna tattoo table, followed a wrap from Freshii. While grabbing myself a glass of the organic wine I stared at these two stunning ladies doing crazy yoga moves, bending backwards and  teaching everyone a thing or two!- It hurt me to watch, but I was in awe!


It was such a rainy horrible night but attending this event made everything better.  On the way out, as a thank you, adorable little gift bags that made my heart melt. It was an all around successful evening and I cannot wait to purchase classes from Yoga Tree and get my yoga on!



Check out Yoga Tree and sign up for their amazing classes here: Yoga Tree 



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