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IMG_3890 copySo there is nothing better than finding a new product you love and cannot live without. So, when I find a new something, something I just can’t leave the house without, I feel the need to share it with you all so you can share in my obsession. Tarte has come up with a product that is everything you need and more to finish off your look, and I cannot wait to stock up on this every time I run into a Sephora!

Tarte LipSurgence is a product, which in my opinion, needed to be created and totally works. Finally, a lip tint that doesn’t dry and crack your lips, but serves more as a lip balm, gloss and lipstick all in one. Whenever I put this on my lips I do not need to worry about reapplying all day because it stays on (which makes it perfect for any event you may have) and keeps my lips feeling anything but sticky.IMG_3887 copy

You will definitely find a shade that totally works for you, coming in 10 different colours (four of them are NEW and a purchase I need to make immediately) with the classic red being one of my favourites.

What is that cold tingly refreshing feeling on your lips you ask? I was wondering that exact same thing, it’s the peppermint oil ingredient which will have you feeling fresh from the moment you apply it.IMG_3886 copy

I also discovered a little something you can do with these lip tints, which even though its not advertised, totally works. I use it as a “cheek tint” or blush also. When I put this on my cheeks it adds the perfect rosy pink look that you need to finish off a fresh face (provided you have the right colour of course, I don’t think Deep Berry would work for that purpose, but then again you never know, time to start a new trend?).

No there are no “instructions” and fancy way to apply this. Treat this like you would any other lipstick. Although, my trick is, with the vibrant colours, add a lip liner to make sure there is no bleeding onto your skin.

There you have it world, something I feel like you need to own and have in your purse at all times, thank you Tarte for creating LipSurgence and changing lives everywhere (and no I am not being dramatic).IMG_3889 copy


Where can you purchase these babies? And want to see all the colours Tarte LipSurgence has to offer? CLICK HERE


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