A Shopping Mall Necessity

I love taking the boys to the mall…Well, for the most part. But, I can say that while I love it I still sit there wondering.. who’s going to have a tantrum?, who’s going to start screaming? Who’s going to fall and lie on the floor because they would rather run around freely than sit nicely in their stroller or hold our hand? The other week Luke and I were on our way over to the mall and we looked at eachother with horror when we realized we forgot our double stroller! I had to pick up some new glasses and Luke was tasked with watching two little ones, for literally only about 15 minutes. Thankfully, with the help of some nice strangers all went well and we all survived.
However, thanks to Pickering Town Centre, If Luke was ever to forget the stroller again… they have something that, personally I feel, all malls should have for the sanity of the parents and people around them. A Toddler Play Park.

Pickering Town Centre is two floors. First, I always start off covering the first floor while the boys slowly start to settle in a just enjoy looking around at all the stores. Eventually as we go, I start to see patience running low. Not just the boys, but my own too.
We head to the bottom floor, which is like a parents dream come true. At the centre of the mall a little play park filled with a treehouse play slide, a crawl threw log with a friendly bear and a butterfly and fish that kids can stand on, fall on, whatever they wish. Oh, and they are foam sooooooooo less chances of blood, bruises and a screaming child.
Also, along the walls are interactive toys just so everyone has something to play with or in case your child isn’t like Mason and doesn’t want to jump off or climb everything they see. Now, when we all head to Pickering Town Centre we have an exact plan of what needs to be done. And either one of us could watch the boys plan while the gets things done!! Such a relief.

….And, yes fellow germophobic parents, there is a sanitizer dispensing machine right outside as you come in and out to stop the spread of germs which are already going around.

Pickering Town Centre – Mall address: 1355 Kingston Rd, Pickering, ON
Mall hours: 10am-9pm

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