A Sparkly DIY Gift Idea for Holidays 2018

It’s the holidays and we all know once they are done,  I’ll count down every day until they arrive again.

Now comes the point where people are wondering what they should get for each other this year.

Well parents, look no further and it can be done for $0.58 a piece.

You guys know how much I love DIY projects, because well they keep my kids quiet and it addssomething a little more personal to the gift.

I went to Michael’s (or any craft store) and purchased a pack of 50 plastic empty ornaments. You can see what they look like. Quick fact: regular they are $30 but if you go online you can find a coupon for 50% off weekly.

I bought little styrofoam balls which look like snowballs, three types of sparkles, some little red pompoms and regular CLEAR glue. The key point is make sure your glue is glue because that’s what’s goes inside of your ornaments to get all the fun stuff to stick. White glue will take away from that and the ornament would be ruined. I bought the clear glue from Michael’s, but any art store will carry it -all the fun stuff is only $1 a pack).

Don’t forget some glitter glue, but that comes at the end.

Carefully remove the top of the ornament and spin around the bulb while putting in clear glue all around. Then add in whatever your mini wants to, to create their own bulb.

The finishing touch. Write their name on their bulb with the glitter glue and it’s a little something to give to loved ones. We even have enough ornaments to save until next year.

See below for a full list of what you will need again as a quick recap: 

-Clear plastic ornaments/ bulbs (Michael’s $15 – with coupon)

-Clear Glue (Michael’s $4.99)

-Fake snowballs, Pom Poms, Sparkles (Dollarama $1 each / x5)

-Glitter Glue ($4 from Michael’s or $1 from Dollarama)

…. and again this is not a drill.

If you make:

25 ornaments and spend $29 (like I did)- $1.16 each

50 ornaments and spend $29- $0.58

You give everyone the gift of a personal touch, and now go get yourself a bottle of wine 🙂 

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