A Touch of Etsy in our Future Nursery!

IMG_3247I love Etsy… I cannot express that enough. Think you have crazy ideas? You don’t because I am sure some super awesome person is creating it to make your life easier. When it comes to your nursery, you tend to over think it, want it to be perfect… I mean come on your little man or little lady are going to be in there. So it needs to be everything you imagined it to be.  Items need to be cost effective and not break the bank.

What I love about Etsy is you are supporting these amazingly talented people that are doing what they love to do! Here are two of my favourite shops, and my only recommendation is to order from them ASAP because you won’t be sorry just like I haven’t been.Closet Dividersmap5

So as I sat in the empty spare bedroom a week ago, I thought about all the nursery decor ideas out there and knew it had to be amazing and the price had to be right. The colour of our little man’s room is grey, baby blue and navy. When I found Ashley on Etsy and saw her work I knew she was the one (sounds dramatic but SO TOTALLY TRUE)

Ashley is the owner of Rizzle and Rugee – a shop which specializes in wall art for little ones. I couldn’t wait to write about her and learn more about her. So I asked her, how did you get started with your shop? Ashley replied, “When I was pregnant for my second child, I could not find wall art to match her bedding that my mom made for her. I decided I would make my own. Photography is a huge hobby of mine, so I decided to create the art using the same program I used for my photographs. I have no real art background – although my mom is an artist – I never thought of myself as one. My daughter’s art turned out wonderfully and I had so much fun doing it, that I thought I would make more and open and Etsy shop. It turned out great and my business just keeps growing.”map3

I will tell you guys right now, when my husband and I saw the wall art our hearts melted! The elephants are perfection and the world map??? I mean really?! It is totally the modern nursery look I am going for and Ashley makes it work no matter what your nursery vision is! I cannot wait to show you all photos of the finished on the wall product once the nursery is done which will be no longer than a month! Just searching for the perfect frames to put the most perfect wall art in! Ashley is so sweet and you will have a ton of fun working with her and ordering from her shop! At the very bottom of the post I have direct links to her shop!main1

When I was making my baby checklist one night I was going through the stack of little person clothes we have! I will tell you RIGHT NOW… I got lost between all the sizes couldn’t tell the difference it was a mess. I was like how perfect would it be to have closet dividers just to have everything a little more organized. And that’s when I found Carole, a fairy godmother who makes organizing that much easier!IMG_3783

Carole has two shops on Etsy, PinkiesPalace and SeeMeGrowUp. (LOVE AND LOVE MIGHT I ADD)
Living outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma she has been married for 31 years, has 2 grown boys and a super sweet daughter-in-law!(cue in the AWE’S)
As a little girl Carole was always making something which shows where her talent it from making dresses for her dolls!! (I wish I was that creative *sigh*)

Her friend introduced her to the amazing world of Etsy (who has 3 shops, bljgraves, bljgravestudio and PageKitEmporium).

SeeMeGrowUp (which is the shop I got the closet dividers from) started when Carole was making baby shirt stickers for friends and a friend suggested she try selling the baby stickers on Etsy. She also said she had seen people using closet dividers and suggest Carole try it out! She told her husband that she didn’t have the shape to cut out, he gave her the like, “remember Hun, I am a designer” (of traffic poles). The rest is history.
She has made many Etsy friends from other sellers and I love knowing my items are basically all over the world! Not only in the US but Canada (WOOHOO I am one of them), Australia, France, Singapore, Russia, United Kingdom, Ireland, just to name a few, and all I know is I cannot wait to see what Carole has in store for the world of Etsy next!IMG_3784

Carole has provided my readers a coupon code which is “SPARKLES” and it is 15% discount for purchases in both her shops. The shop’s are SeeMeGrowUp and PinkiesPalace


Check out Ashley’s Shop Rizzle and Rugee right HERE right now!

Check out Carole’s shop’s SeeMeGrowUp and PinkiesPalace!

You guys will love these ladies and not only are they talented they are here to provide you amazing products, them being awesome is just an added bonus!

I will be sure to send you photos of these products again once the nursery is 100% complete 🙂



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