A Touch of Maple Leaf Foods

Spending the day with Maple Leaf Foods was nothing short of amazing. As a mom, I want to know that my boys are eating amazing quality foods that are real, simple and natural all while mixing up my routine with them.

I learned so much about this brand from their different products, to what they believe in as a company and even to the bold changes they have made. I even got the chance to meet Michael McCain!!
I mean have you tried there natural bacon? It might be the best bacon ever- 77% of Canadians eat bacon!!!!

Maple Leaf Foods isn’t some company that doesn’t care what they are feeding us, they want to give us the best quality of foods for our families. As a part of their revamping they changed the logo which hadn’t been changed since 1999! I LOVE IT!

Did you guys know that every ingredient is shown on their products so we can rest assured they aren’t hiding anything from us- we know exactly what’s going into ours and our families bodies! I mean this whole revamp started two years ago by surveying 7,000 Canadians to find out how we eat.

The company created their “food manifesto guide” and I cannot get enough of it. You can see it below but some of the key phrases that really stand out to me is:

“Making good food accessible to all Canadians”

“We us NO artificial preservatives, NO artificial flavours, NO artificial colours, No artificial sweeteners, and NO animal by- products.” 

Chef Samantha taught us some dinner ideas is using Maple Leaf Foods chicken breasts that our kids just can’t get enough of. Add bruschetta or broccoli with a cheese slice on top and you have two separate meals!

This event inspired me to write up a recipe for you guys using a product that me and my fam jam love.
The route I went was with their Maple Leaf Original Natural Smoked Ham… it’s actually Mason’s favourite and I mean I get so tired of people thinking it’s JUST for holidays! This is a must have in our fridge always!

Georgia’s Creamy Ham and Pea Spaghettini

1 Maple Leaf Original Natural Smoked Ham
1/2 pack Spaghettini
1 cup peas
2 shallots
2 tbsp butter
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup Parmesan
Salt and Pepper to taste

1.) place Maple Leaf Original Natural Smoke Ham in over for 45 mins at 350
2.) once Ham is cooled, chop 1/2-3/4 of the ham into cubes
3.) boil water and salt and cook your spaghettini
4.) to sauce pan add in butter, shallots and onion until you see them start to soften
5.) add in whipping cream on medium heat and stir constantly
6.) add in chopped ham, peas and Parmesan
7.) stir for about 5 mins or until you notice the sauce thickening
8.) mix the sauce and pasta together and bon apetit it’s ready to serve 🙂

This recipe takes 20 mins max to make and while waiting for the ham sit back and pour yourself a glass of vino because well… you deserve it.

Side note: with the leftover ham (only have about a quarter left) use it and make your kids sandwiches for the next day!!

So I hope from this post you realized how important it is for us to give our minis and ourselves real, simple and natural foods!
Okay brb going to make top Maple Leaf Top Dogs Original Hot Dogs on the barbecue now!

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