A Very Special Santa Experience

So, I’ve been known to go see Santa Claus with the boys more than just once during the holidays.  And I’ve also spent a lot of money on pictures with my little guys and jolly St. Nick, but this year was a little bit different.  Did I take the boys to see Santa more than once?  Well, yes, of course.  But, thanks to the fantastic team at Scarborough Town Centre my little munchkins actually got to meet and interact with Santa.  Amazing right!  So first thing is first, if you are going to take your little ones to see Santa you need to check out Santa’s Secret Workshop at STC.  This isn’t your ordinary sit on Santa’s lap and hope there isn’t any crying and wishing for a smile.  This experience is totally different and it was a blast for our family!!

Also, it’s so affordable when comparing to the traditional sit on Santa’s lap photo session! It only costs $50.00 if you go before December 17.  On December 17 until Christmas its $75.00 which is still really good if you ask me.  I mean I’ve spent $100 on Santa photos before.  And the best part, they allow you to take your own photos and videos!  Every other place I’ve been to they all say ‘no photos please’ which is so annoying.

Once we arrived for our appointment at the workshop – another bonus, no line up – my little guys got to interact with Santa’s elves.  The elves got Mason and Asher to write a letter to Santa reminding him what they wanted for Christmas – dinosaurs for Mason and Paw Patrol for Asher.  Once they were done with the letters the doors opened and they got to sit with Santa and of course Santa already knew what they wanted! 

Santa took them on his lap they chatted, all while Santa’s elf took photos, which they send to you following the visit,  then Santa gave them stockings to decorate with his help.  The entire experience was about 15 minutes, which was perfect since it gave the boys some time to warm up and get a little more comfortable with Santa.  Overall, this was my favourite Santa experience and I cannot wait for next year!

So be sure to visit the Santa’s Secret Workshop at STC (https://scarboroughtowncentre.com/santas-secret-workshop/) and book your appointment today!  trust me, you will not be disappointed!


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