“All About Matt”

IMG_3895 copyIt’s me… the makeup snob again.

Well, consider yourself lucky because any problem with oily skin after a long day will be no more.

You know what I hate after spending time perfecting my makeup each morning? An oily shiny face by the end of the day. It’s like a constant battle and if you can’t defeat it, it will turn your artwork into a full fledged nightmare. Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder wins the battle and does even more.

For those of you that do not use a Fixing Compact Powder, you totally should!

It’s the one standard colour that works for all skin tones, while fighting the natural and not so natural oils on our skin. You know what I am talking about ladies…. Look in the mirror after a long day of work – def not what you left the house looking like, right?IMG_3905 copy

I mean, it’s pretty obvious how to put on, grab a makeup brush and feather onto your face whenever you feel it’s needed! This is usually to be applied on top of your foundation and helps set and keep everything in place.

Something I did find was, if you have a shimmer powder on or glitter of some sort (eyes not included duhhh), then I probably wouldn’t use this product that day… it really is “matte” and will lessen that look you may have been trying to go for.IMG_3896 copy

I am a huge fan of essence cosmetics and the price tag that comes along with this brand is enough to make me smile from ear to ear. And remember this every day life savior does not take up a lot of room in your purse, so leaving without it is not an excuse.


You can find this at your nearest drugstore, Walmart or online at ulta.com for the reasonable price tag of $3.99 (insert shocked face here).


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