Annie’s Makes It Easy

Growing up, I think every kid enjoyed mac and cheese for lunch or dinner, I know I certainly did.  To be honest, to this day I still love it.  It’s quick and easy and you really don’t need much to make it!  Having said this, I’d like to introduce you all to Annie’s Mac and Cheese which is now yummier than ever!

I like to use Annie’s as a go to when we really don’t have time to make dinner or lunch.  Just put on a pot of water and tell the boys “Mac and Cheese?” and literally 8-10 minutes later they’re stuffing their faces!  

Annie’s also recently improved the taste and texture with better sauce and noodles. The sauce is creamier and cheesier and, to say the least, I’m a huge fan and so are Mason and Asher.  The thing I especially love about Annie’s is it’s made with organic pasta and real cheese and milk ingredients with no artificial flavours, synthetic colours or preservatives!  When feeding my boys I especially love this.

So when you’re in a bind for a meal, which I know all us parents are most of the time, I suggest you pull out a box of Annie’s Mac and Cheese and let your little ones enjoy.  It definitely will not disappoint and your children will love you for it.  

My last question to you is… ketchup or no ketchup?

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