Asher’s Big Boy Room Reveal

So, as you all know Asher recently turned two and with that comes a new single bed.  Good bye crib, hello big boy bed!  We did the same with Mason once he turned two. And, of course, what comes with a new bed?  Well, a whole bedroom makeover of course. Can we just take a moment to understand something- realizing your house is officially crib free is such a bittersweet moment. My little men aren’t my little babies anymore.

For Asher we decided to go with an Explorer theme, which was inspired by the beautiful bed frame from Pottery Barn Kids. We found the bed frame and went from there! I mean to be honest the grey wash on it made me think of a grey day in a forest surrounded by mountains. Something a lot of people don’t know about Asher is how independent he is. He is the 2 year old that will walk himself to bed, the 2 year old that won’t hold your hand because he wants to walk on his own and the future 20 year old that I can see traveling and hiking the world. Asher really is our explorer.

When we originally did Ashers nursery I always wanted a mural or something on the wall.  So for his explorer theme I went with mountains. For the mountains I used Beauti-Tone paint from Home Hardware’s Canadian North collection.  And yes- I painted these myself, outlined it with painters tape and I am proud of myself with how this turned out. I may or may not have celebrated with a bottle of wine because taking off each tape strip was so stressful! What was really helpful was how the colours from Home Hardware were actually EXACTLY what they looked like on the samples! Send me an email anytime for help on how to do this.

Once the walls were done and the bed in, it was time to get the rest of the furniture! Honestly the dresser and nightstand were the exact way I felt about the bed. The minute I saw it online at Walmart Canada, I knew it needed to be ours. The rope on the top drawers was that detail I was looking for and the washed out navy compliments the bed. Although I love bedroom sets, I do love mixing and matching all while creating your own vision and seeing it come to life. The brand South Shore has always been a fav of ours- Mason’s change table was from there, and the quality is unbelievable. I looked everywhere and yes multiple sites sell these pieces, Walmart Canada has by far the least expensive and thats the way to do it! 

For the little bookcase, which is something we needed in Asher’s room since he gets read a couple of books each night before bed, we went to HomeSense. As soon as I saw it I loved it and the size is thin and small so it definitely did not overpower the room and that was the whole point.

Onto the fun stuff I am sure you are waiting for- the decor. So with having the painted walls, I wanted something minimal, rustic that filled up the walls with just one piece here or there. Thats when my love and passion for etsy came in. If there is one thing I love to support at all counts its these mom and pop shops because they are trying to make a living just like I am. These are the collaborations, the people that I love to support most of all.

The Wood Mountain Shelf help was made by Emily and her family, right here in Ontario. Their shop Grey Woods Co. is actually AMAZING, and as soon as I saw this piece for a shelf I had to look know further (I have direct links to everything below so you can head straight to her shop and pick up yours today). The customer service is great and this is one of those cases what you see it what you get. Mason has been begging for one ever since we hung Asher’s on the wall so we are going to have to change that.

Asher’s overhead nameplate is almost something that just turned out beyond my expectations. Also homemade and built in Canada, you can see when you receive this piece the work and time that went into it. Bri. Designs Canada is a great shops with endless options. They are willing to work with you to see your vision come to life, (direct link to the shop it also below).

Last but not least the deer is of course Melissa & Doug. These 4 foot stuffed animals are something I have gotten for each of the boys because I do look at it as a piece of decor that they can’t get enough of- and yes our dog has face offs with the deer numerous times a day. The prints are from the etsy shop Jayne and Green, Laura is the sweetest person to work with always ensuring your prints are exactly what you expeted- and they were, while the frames and moose in the centre is from Indigo.

I am so happy to finally share this project with you all, its a long time coming and took a while to piece everything together but I think we did a pretty okay job. And again any questions you guys can always shoot me an email from my contact me section on the blog.

…and for those of you wondering, the minute we put Asher in his bed for the first time he did not get up once and still hasn’t. His explorer mind is already thinking away.

Click Below for the links to all the products shown in this room:

Asher’s Bed (Charcoal)

Asher’s Dresser

Asher’s Nightstand

Asher’s Mountain Shelf

Asher’s Nameplate

Asher’s Deer

Duvet Cover and Sham

Asher’s Photo Prints

Asher’s Carpet (HomeSense, so not online)

Asher’s Bookcase (HomeSense, so not show online)


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