C.C.S (Colour, Cut, Style) Fairy Godmother


For me, my hair is everything.  For many women, it’s what makes them feel better about their physical appearance, so when it comes to finding that perfect someone to take care of it, there has to be trust and a bond.

In my opinion, I have found the most talented woman in Toronto. She has never let me down…This Fairy Godmother’s name is Allison Kam.

I have been to many, and I mean MANY hair stylists in Toronto. When I bring in a photo of what I imagine my style, colour or cut to look like, I want it to be as close to it as can be — Not a simple hair trim to turn into a butchering of my locks, which seems to happen WAY more often than it should and has resulted in me crying my eyes out and stomping my way home like a 2 year old having a tantrum.

I  always leave feeling like the celebrity I brought her a photo of! For my big day I brought her a picture of Jennifer Lopez and that guy she dated, which is so 2013, and BAM, just like that, transformed! So ladies, want a CCS (colour, cut, style) fairy godmother go see Allison… just a little advice lady to lady.img_1267


She books up quickly so make that appointment so it doesn’t slip through your fingers.  Contact her at allison_kam@hotmail.com.


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