Big Kid Status with Pull-Ups

To parents, potty training can be their worst nightmare—and I get it. Potty training can be intimidating and feel like a never ending journey, but it’s always important to keep in mind that there is light at the end of the tunnel! And we can thank Pull-Ups for that.

We started potty training our son Mason, who is 2 ½, about a month ago and now we are in FULL FORCE!! This little man has moved quickly into Big Kid status – tear!

One thing I’ve learned throughout this potty training journey is to celebrate the ‘Big Kid’ successes by placing special focus on important milestones, making it fun for both child and parent. Pull-Ups has always been our go-to  with all their valuable and fun resources available online to help keep potty training fun and keep Mason (and me) motivated  including the Potty Training Treasure Chest, these Top Five Potty Training Games , and this Potty Training Sticker Chart that’s a great tool to help your child track and visualize their potty training progress!

We update our Sticker Chart each time Mason “tells mom and dad” or is successful using the Big Kid Potty – that’s when Mason gets to put a little sticker or marker stamp on his chart which is the most exciting thing for him to do!

To help Mason feel like he is wearing big boy underwear, and to spare us from any troubles if an accident happens, Pull-Ups easy open sides allow for easy changes and the soft, stretchy sides gives him the protection and comfort he needs.

The potty watch is also way too adorable – Mason wears this watch every day and every 30 minutes, it starts to sing which means “Mason, time to go to the washroom” preventing less accidents.

As a reward we always give him Smarties and a new marker and colouring sheet so he knows he’s done a good job and that we are proud of him.

If it wasn’t for Pull-Ups offering a ton of support beyond product, I probably would’ve given up long ago!


Don’t let anyone make you feel rushed. Some people say it happens in 3 days, others a couple of months. It’s not a toilet competition so don’t buy into all this “mom drama.”

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