Blonde with a touch of Purple

So it doesn’t take a rocket science to see that my hair is not naturally blonde lol… not even close. The amount of time and money that goes into my hair yearly is a lot so when I am at home I need to make sure I am using great products and keeping it from getting more damaged then it maybe.

I love purple shampoos, I always have and I swear by them. When you leave the salon your hair is vibrant and bright… after time it changes. It turns more yellow or brassy and you can just tell it needs a pick me up. Purple shampoo is used to cancel out red and yellow undertones and brightens up your colour.

After years of searching for the perfect purple shampoo to use every other wash I finally found it… cue in the happy music. KMS colorvitality blonde shampoo and conditioner.

I first use the shampoo (which remember it’s literally purple folks and supposed to be lol). And it’s simple as lather, rinse and repeat. Also I sound crazy but I’m kind of obsessed with the strong smell of it lol.

Lastly I end off with my purple shampoos best friend. The conditioner (honestly you can’t just get one, get both because you need to treat your hair right) it helps the shampoo maintain the colour 3 times longer then without it. All you have to do is apply it to your shampooed hair, leave it on for 2 mins and the end. You are done.

Two simple steps for maintaining that perfect blonde you worked so hard to get!


You can find KMS at various locations so check it out online and find where you can get some purple in your life asap!

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