Boots that Pass my CWP

Shopping for a pair of boots is like shopping for a new car, at least for me. This year the snow is already coming down, I’m a clutz who has literally fallen like 10 times. When shopping for boots always go by these letters CWP—cute, warm and performance.

Mark’s Well Worn has all those needs and when I saw these pair of Sperry’s (Women’s Powder Arctic Grip) there was no other option.

Some bonuses about these boots are:

They are cute as can be and its hard to find a pair of fashion forward yet 100% warm boots
Waterproof Suede (I still recommend getting spray protector for them)
Removeable Insole
Thermochromatic lug changes colour to signal icy conditions. 
Unparalleled traction on wet ice and slippery winter surfaces 
They are lace up making me feel all that more secure

Remember Mark’s Well Worn has a ton of slip resistant and adorable boot options for men and women (more grip, less slip guys).  So, if you are going to go anywhere for boots, go there! Not to mention, all the other options that they have in stores…can we talk about how awesome their clothes are, or how its Luke’s go to for work boots, too! Mark’s is a one stop shop for everything you’ll need to get through the cold winter season.

Feedback from Extra Sparkles Please

Have you guys heard of the snowflake rating system, (being able to walk on a 7 degree slope without slipping)? Did you know 90% of 98 tested boots failed? Well these ones pass the test of my CWP 🙂

Get my boots HERE from Mark’s Well Worn!

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