Ladies, meet Ava my Carry-All

IMG_3235 …Business woman?… Loving your iPad kind of woman?… Blogger *cough cough?* Get ready to thank me because I have just found the perfect “carry-all” anyone could ask for.

Whether I am going to work, meetings, or shopping, I want something small and compact that I could fit everything into and not have to worry about the pain of lugging a huge purse over my shoulder all day.  Even the thought of it just makes me want to cry. Well, Henri Bendel has solved ALL of our problems ladies – their iPad carry-all is a NEED. I like to call her Ava.


Ava’s Benefits:

She carries my iPad mini and it turns into a stand

She carries my debit and credit cards, business cards and all other cards possible

She has a spot for my phone

Oh, and throw in a lip gloss

…And just like that, she is a miracle worker.

Check out the “Carry-All” here: Henri Bendel iPad Mini Carry-All




Like the little “GE” touch of my initials, well you can get yours monogrammed too. So when your friends try to steal it… they won’t be able escape you!

OMG and how could I forget, Ipad mini or a regular sized?  No worries, they accommodate both.


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