Celebrate the Holidays with SportChek!

So once I had Mason I knew one thing was for sure, sports would probably big a big part of my family.  Add Asher and it’s more like it will be! With Luke being a hockey player, of course, I knew it would be the sport of choice. All I know is that I sure am excited to see my little boys skate around having a ton of fun. And more importantly I’m happy to get them involved in something which will teach them discipline, teamwork, leadership and allow them to get out and be social.  Mason will be four next year so he’s not too far off when it comes to playing organized sports.

So, recently the family went out to SportChek to grab everything they need to start learning to skate.  SportChek is a little one stop shop for all your hockey needs! This was probably the best day of Luke’s life, but it was so fun for the whole family:

First we got both the boys matching Bauer NS Youth Hockey Skates.  I can’t believe they have skates that look this cute and small enough to fit the boys!  These skates have just the amount of ankle support out little guys need and of course were a reasonable price. Skates – Chek

Then we had to get them helmets, so we decided on black Bauer Prodigy Youth helmets so of course they match and are protected.  These helmets are easily adjustable to fit the boys heads and will adjust as they grow. Helmet – Chek

Lastly, we had to get the boys little hockey sticks. Asher got a little Bauer blue one and Mason got a red CCM one to match his skates.  Adorable! Each stick is the perfect height and are composite so they look like a little NHLer! Sticks – Chek

Now, for Lucas and me, we had to get a few things too, of course.  Lucas got matching Bauer NSX Senior skates to match with the boys – Need I say more. Also, a really nice Under Armour tracksuit and an Under Armour sweater.  Myself, I got a couple things too! I was able to find some adorable Under Armour sweaters. Now we’re all prepared to hit the rink with everything we need to get these boys ready to become hockey players.

Our first venture to the ice was a success!  The boys loved having their dad skate with them all around the ice and they couldn’t get enough of it.  The place we went to had so many kids and families so it was nice to see people doing the same thing as us. So next week, same time we will be at the rink teaching these little boys how to skate in hopes they will fall in love with hockey, just like their Dad, and we can get them playing hockey as soon as possible.

*Mason & Asher’s Bauer Youth Skates

*Luke’s Bauer Senior Skates

*Mason & Asher’s Bauer Prodigy Helmets

*Mason’s Kombi Gloves

*Asher’s Kombi Gloves

*Mason & Asher’s Stick Available in-store 

*Luke’s Under Armour Hoodie

*Luke’s Under Armour Sweatpants 

*Mason and Asher’s Hockey Track Suit (not seen above)


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