Celebrating Father’s Day with Mark’s Canada

Every kid looks up to their parents. I know I did for sure. Every little boy believes his father is the fastest Dad, the strongest Dad and the smartest Dad. Thinking back to when I was a kid in school, I remember the constant conversation with my classmates in the schoolyard where we would ‘compare’ dads and list out reasons why our dad was supreme over everyone elses. Although I didn’t think much about it at the time, thought it was just kids being kids, but since becoming a parent, my whole perspective changed. As much as our children want to be the best at everything and make their parents proud, parents also want to be the best to make their children proud. Every Father wants their child to see him as a superhero!

Having said that, Mark’s Canada has come up with the perfect Father’s Day contest to honour and reward Dads. Between now and Father’s Day (June 17) Mark’s is hosting a social media contest that captures the way kids see their dads. Mark’s is calling on moms and dads to ask their child(ren) to draw a picture of dad, depicting him as a superhero, take a photo of the drawing and post it to social media, tagging @MarksCanada and using #SuperheroDad. The entries will be eligible to win a wide range of prizes, including a $500 Mark’s gift card, an in-store shopping experience at Mark’s with country star Brett Kissel, and two round-trip experiences for two to attend the CFL Grey Cup! I highly encourage all dads to enter the contest. And if dad doesn’t have social media than mom can post in his place!

Keeping this in mind, I got my Mason to draw a picture of his dad as a superhero. Not sure if you already know but Mason loves superheroes and I could see his excitement when I asked him to do this and to be honest, I think Lucas was even more excited when I asked him to be a part of it. I mean, to me there is nothing more rewarding than having your child look into your eyes wondering how you can do the simplest of things, but for them it seems AMAZING!! And it truly gives you the impression that you are their favourite superhero! It makes you strive to be the best parent you can be, to show your little ones anything is possible and that they have most unconditional love and support from their parents.

I believe this is what Father’s Day is all about. It’s a time for Father’s to take a day off from their superhero responsibilities, sit back and just enjoy time with their kids. It’s also a time to appreciate family and everything we do for each other. So this Father’s Day there is no need for dad’s to dress up as their child’s favourite superhero but rather, I encourage all dads to be themselves, sit back, relax and appreciate that even though they might not wear a cape when they come home from work, they are all Superhero Dads through the eyes of their kids.

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