Cooking with USA Rice

Living with two kids in the middle of a pandemic definitely forces you to be more creative with food while finding all kinds of ways to use what’s in your fridge and pantry. With this post I’m going to help all of you understand the benefits of rice –  grown in the U.S., its nutritional value and its versatility.  I want to encourage all of you to ‘Think Rice’ and use rice five different ways for five different days or time periods. On Mondays it’s so nice for us to make a pot of rice and know it can be used for a variety of meal occasions to help mix up what we are eating for the week. 

Did you know that USA Rice is as local as it gets for Canadians?  It’s also  one of the most affordable foods we can use.  Just to give you some perspective, rice costs about 10 cents per serving so it should be a little easier to fit into people’s budget; plus it contains many of the nutrients we all need. I bet most of you didn’t know all its nutrients, but rice contains the following: 

Potassium – used to regulate water balance, acidity levels, blood pressure and mineral balance. It also helps the heart and kidneys function properly.

Magnesium- used for bone, protein, fatty acid formation and forming new cells. Lowering blood pressure and helping to form energy is another benefit.

Vitamin B6 – Is the master vitamin in the processing of amino acids while helping to make serotonin, melatonin and dopamine.  It also aids in the formation of neurotransmitters, which regulates mental processes and possibly mood.

Iron – a part of hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying component of blood.  Without enough iron, energy cannot be properly synthesized and people become tired easily.

With all these benefits, let me tell you about what I did for five of my meals for five different time periods in the week, and show you the versatility of USA Rice. I am so excited to show you guys these dishes that we make as a staple in our house!

One of the boys (and my own) favourite recipes is Georgia’s Twist on Fried Rice, it’s so simple and flavourful to have as a meal. Another great idea is using it in a shake or smoothie.  Since cooked rice can last three to five days in the fridge, I add some extra rice into my favourite morning smoothie to provide me with the nutrients mentioned above, so it’s a win-win. 

The smoothie in this post is a Rice, Kiwi and Raspberry smoothie, which I have at least 1-2 times a week after yoga. 

Have you ever thought of having rice for dessert?  Maybe not, but rice pudding has been one of my favourite desserts or snacks growing up.  Rice pudding with cinnamon is something my boy’s love and is easy to make. This rice pudding can be made in 15 minutes as a quick after dinner dessert.  I always have about ¾ cup of rice saved for this!

Rice for dinner?  Well I made a Rice Casserole with Sausage and it definitely hit the spot! 

Rice for lunch?  Well, my little boys love lentil soup, so I cooked up some rice and added some lentils on top to add a little flavour. Adding some leftovers with rice is something we can all do.  This is called Lentil Rice and something they do in Greece!

If you want some more rice ideas be sure to visit for more information.

When making your meals it’s important to also remember some facts about U.S-grown rice and its versatility.  Rice is naturally gluten free so if you have people over for dinner and they have dietary restrictions, keep this in mind.  Rice is also pretty much fat free and sodium free based on ½ cup serving.  So when putting together your favourite meals while in quarantine be sure to Think Rice and enjoy.  

Stay safe everyone and I hope to have more ideas coming your way!

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