DIY Valentine’s Cards for Kids

If you guys don’t know me by now, I am a DIY junkie that goes nuts for any event whether it’s an actual holiday or a “Hallmark” occasion. Since Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Mason and I teamed up with my peach Renee (@reneemleblanc) and her WAY TO adorable daughter Zoe. We sat down with our little minions, who make the cutest little future couple, just saying.. maybe in the future, and we made three DIY Valentines Day cards you guys can make for your kids daycare or school friends ranging between $3.25-$20! And the perfect thing about these little DIY ideas is they care so cute you can give them to children of all ages. Or maybe even an adult if your that kind of person.

I mean, I love all the Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and Superhero cards, but its always nice to think outside the box this year and make everyone have an extra genuine “awww.” I think putting in just a little extra effort on these occasions makes other feel a little more special. And you never know, a cute little Valentine’s Day idea to someone special might just capture their heart…forever.

You’re DINO-MITE…. yup that’s right! Went to the dollar store and got a pack of ten plastic dinosaur figurines! That covers some daycare friends and if your child is in a class of 20, that’s only $3.25 ! And, I mean, they can all use their imaginations and stay quiet for at least a couple of minutes! Your welcome! Total for 20 Valentine’s – $3.25 

I don’t know why this one made me smile the most, but it did. The good old classic “I DIG YOU.” We got shovels from the dollar store ($1 each), clear treat bags and went to Bulk Barn and loaded them up with candy. Because what parent doesn’t love parents that feed their kids a ton of sugar? It’s Valentines Day let them live a little! Total for ten Valentine’s – $20.00 (the most expensive part is how much candy you get so that can make the price less).

YOU RULE – yes YOU ;)! So how adorable is this for the kids in your little ones class?? Paper, Rulers and BAM just like that a cute unique Valentine that’s going to get people thinking— Why didn’t I think of that? Just attach or tie the ruler to the piece of paper and that’s what I call quick, easy and to the point – $2.50 each.

Feedback from Extra Sparkles Please

First off who is my friend aka the person I can spend 3 hours talking on the phone too? Renee! An amazing LifeStyle blogger and here is the link to her blog to check out her DIY Valentine’s Day Post and follow her on Instagram!


Instagram: @reneemleblanc


People always ask me, do I do this for the blog or did I do this kind of stuff before. And the answer is, I did it before and wouldn’t change who I am because of this. I love DIY… yes, it takes time… yes, I drink a bottle of wine (for Asher’s birthday I drank two, not something I recommend on a regular basis) but at the end of it I feel so accomplished! Basically, all I can say is I love this shit.

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