Do Some Good with Ford

There’s a lot I learned this weekend. One we need a Ford Explorer NOW, and two we all need to do more in our community.

One thing I had wanted to do was donate to a shelter, we chose Red Door Family Shelter because Ive heard so much great things, but honestly speaking we have never had the room in our car to do it. So when we got the Ford Explorer Platinum it was the perfect opportunity to fill up the trunk with the essentials they need all while keeping the boys quiet by watching Paw Patrol on their own DVD players that are in he headrests. Can’t keep up with that.
We started off our Saturday by going to Walmart and grabbing a ton of food, water, non perishables and toiletries. Two carts full 🙂 We got whatever we could and what they were requesting from their website!

The next day we got sitters for the boys and we went to the shelter and dropped everything off. This gave us the opportunity to enjoy the smooth ride the Ford Explorer offers and all the cool options.

The third row seating stows at the touch of a button which definitely helped when packing up all the goods, and the Sync option gave us the ability to unlock the doors with my cell phone and of course I had to use the car location finder just to make sure it worked. Such a great idea for when you’re just not that confident you know where you parked- and the story of my life.

So when we arrived at the shelter and were unloading the car I can’t tell how appreciative they were and how good we felt knowing we were helping these families out. They need a lot more than what we could offer, but knowing that we were contributing to these less fortunate families was amazing. Seriously, I want you guys to really consider donating to Red Door Family Shelter or any shelter for that matter.


So if you are looking for a family car that is reliable, fits the whole am plus a pup all while doing good in your community, Ford is a go to 🙂 #forddosomegood

7 thoughts on “Do Some Good with Ford”

  • This is so good. I always encourage families to teach their young children the importance of sharing and giving back . Not everyone is blessed with a meal everyday. Great job!

  • Good for you for helping others ! This is truly heart-warming to know there are good people out there like you giving to those who need it most.

  • It is so nice to have the space to haul all kinds of things in your vehicle. Giving back to the community is a GREAT way to utilize it! Thanks for sharing :).

  • This is so awesome! I love when big companies offer amazing campaigns like this . Also, this suv looks totally perfect for my family! I think I need to go test one out this month lol.

    PS your bag (extra sparkles please) is so CUTE! I love it!

  • It is such a rewarding feeling to be able to give back to the less fortunate, I try to do that whenever I’m able. It may not be much what we can do, but if more people do it, what little we donate will add up. Thank you for encouraging others to donate to the less fortunate.

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