An essential to survive Winter 2015

katespade2I get it, the freezing temperatures outside automatically puts people in a cranky mood. The most common colours I see walking down the street (including on myself, might I add) is neutrals. It’s almost as if we have given up and there is nothing left to do.  Well let me introduce you to Hayden. Hayden has turned my winter upside down, for the better, and has given me life again with just a touch of colour.




I must say I do love blacks, beiges, greys and whites, but sometimes I just want to add a little something else to spruce up my look and make me feel like the winter fashionista we all want to be. So when I laid eyes on Hayden I knew right then and there she was sent to us from the Kate Spade gods to make everything better.photo1ks1

In life, ladies, it’s important that we have a gorgeous bag in our closet that not only holds everything in one place, but looks just as amazing as it makes us feel for all of its help. The Chelsea Square Hayden bag, which is cut from soft pebbled leather, can be worn over the shoulder on weekends, and carried to your day to day job while looking FAB!katespade5

What’s I love is the elbow hold with adjustable shoulder strap.  It’s perfect for that look you’re going for depending on your mood. I cannot wait to walk the streets of New York City holding it like a handbag or even here in Toronto the adjustable strap just fits my everyday life! This bag also has the one thing I ask for that I notice a lot of purses don’t have… the zip top closure. I don’t want to be paranoid every second on public transportation (I cringe just thinking about it) wondering if people are dipping their hands in, to try and take my wallet, staring at a tampon that is accidentally sitting at the top in plain view, or contemplating snatching my MAC Zoomlash Mascara that they heard is the best mascara ever (which it is but more on that another day) Well, my sweet Hayden hides all of our secrets with one simple essential the zipper.katespade3

If you are stuck to neutrals don’t fret it comes in black/ pebble and if you want that pop of colour like I did ask for the black/pebble/geranium! (PS- besides this purse and the guy I married, this little guy is the only thing I need… my perfect everyday accessory…my pup)katespade7


If you are wondering what size this perfect lifestyle bag pull out your sparkly pink measuring tapes:

10”h x 11”w x 5”d

Drop length: 4.75″ Handle; adjustable 13-16″ strap

Get yours in store or online today… you can make room in your closet for this baby! Click here for more information <3


2 thoughts on “An essential to survive Winter 2015”

  • I went into Kate Spade on Madison and saw this picture! It is a great size, I understand where you are coming from. I really like the neutral colour in this bag for a day you are wearing something vibrant!

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