Flawless skin with Dermablend Professional

Medium coverage. That’s what I look for in a perfect day to day foundation and I have found that with the help of Dermablend Professional. (Full coverage are for my wild nights out that are currently almost non existent, summer is almost here which means hibernation season is nearing its end)

When finding a great day to day foundation I like something that applies quick, smooth, hides my insecurities WHILE not looking cakey. Sounds like a lot, but it’s not… it’s a simple request we all want.

That’s when I found Dermablend Professional Smooth Liquid Camo foundation. This foundation easily lasts the full day of wear you need (I mean it says 16 hours— and I don’t think they are lying)

I apply it with my foundation brush first and touch it up or fix and missed spots with my beautyblender sponge. It hides any blemishes, redness or dark eyes that I’m trying to shield the world from while making your face look smooth and flawless.


With 10 shades to choose from you will have no problem finding the perfect colour for you! So try it out because you won’t be sorry!

Find it at select Shopper’s Drug Mart and Sephora locations!

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  • I’ve been looking at this product and can’t seem to match my skin tone . But , I ran across your blog and ours are basically the same ! What color did you use in this?

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