Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there! So, as you know our family go-to for all sportswear is SportChek. This Father’s Day we decided to get some fan wear and along with a few more items for the boys and we of course for Luke, since it is his day!

Well, since the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship all Raptors fan wear has been little to hard to come by, but with basketball season over its time for Luke and the boys to cheer on Toronto’s summer team the Blue Jays! So, the boys got their Blue Jays Toddler Cool Base Replica Baseball Jerseys ($49.99), along with matching Blue Jays New Era 39Thirty Batting Practice Caps ($36.00) and for Lucas a Blue Jays Men’s 47’ Brand Print Tee ($39.99) for when watching the games. We also thought since the boys love baseball a couple of MLB Oversized Foam Bat and Ball so they can practice their batting practice in the basement since that’s what they like to do! Now were all set to go for baseball season!

A few other things Luke was able to grab fro Father’s Day was one of his favourite brands, Under Armour workout clothes. IM not sure if everyone knows, the The Rock has his own Under Armour lable called Project Rock. For Luke’s next workout he will be sporting some Under Armour attire including a Project Rock Above The Bar Tee Shirt ($39.99) and a Project Rock Terry Sleeveless Hoodie ($59.99). Now there are no excuses for not heading out for a run or to the gym, or so Luke tells me!

So whatever the situation! Cheering for your favourite sports team, getting your kids ready for their favourite sport to participate in, or heading outdoors for a hike, golfing, or a workout! Be sure SportChek is your first stop!

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