Have you ever heard of the Direct Sellers Association? 

Have you ever heard of the Direct Sellers Association? Well if not, I highly suggest you look into them! Over the last little while I have learned so much about what it means to be an entrepreneur, how to grow and be successful at something I love to do. Anyone with the desire to start up their own business or learn how to enter the direct selling world would benefit from looking into the opportunities provided by member companies of the Direct Sellers Association.  

DSA is the mark of integrity for direct sellers. By becoming an independent sales consultant in the direct selling industry, Canadians can succeed and earn income in a way that us entrepreneurs can relate to, while learning important skills like Goal Setting, Time Management, Leadership, Public Speaking and much, much more. Also, opportunities to work from home, make your own hours, and be in control are all huge benefits as a Mom, like myself!

The DSA has been around since 1954 and has established themselves throughout Canada to helps entrepreneurs like myself to #FindYourCommunity, by offering a wide variety of benefits to Independent Sales Consultants and member companies. Through DSA, I was able to connect with Francine, who has been a Direct Seller of over 20 years and couldn’t be any happier.  I was able to relate to Francine a lot and understanding how Influencers and Direct Sellers can learn from each other as we set our goals! Becoming an Independent Sales Consultant, or influencer like myself, can be demanding and discouraging at times, but this is when we learn the most about ourselves and how to be resilient when times are a little more difficult than expected. Francine, who works with Pampered Chef, was able to provide more inspiration and gave me the motivation to learn more and better myself.

So as an entrepreneur, if you are independent, want to develop yourself and become successful on your own with the guidance of professionals, check out DSA’s list of member companies to find your community and you won’t be sorry!

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