HelloFresh helps families say Hello To Easy Dinners

So I am all about making life easier- ALWAYS! Whether you are working, a stay at home mom, getting home and cooking at the end of the day is the furthest thing from you mind.

This is where HelloFresh came in and made my life easier. I want to give my family quality meals, but I also need it to be quick. HelloFresh delivers me my meals for four people and they take no more then 30 mins!

Mom hacks are something I stand by, ask me how much I hate chopping carrots and onions. All that prep work is not something I feel like doing while two children are ruling the household. Well don’t worry about that because thanks to Hello Fresh everything is pre-portioned and packed neatly. There is no excuse not sit back enjoy a glass of white and start cooking a delicious meal.

For $129, I get three meals for four people (not to mention sometimes they serve up to six and you have lunch the next day) with all the ingredients delivered to your door! Every week are different recipes and they last a full week from getting them so don’t rush that you have to make one after another. There is still time for those mid week pizzas or Mcdonald’s runs after school!

My three recipes were Salmon Cakes, Pan-Seared Chicken and Classic Beef Pie (WHICH WAS MY FAVOURITE).

Each meal comes individual boxes, which easily store in you fridge, and you take each out when you want to make it! The directions are super easy to follow and they even have pictures so you have an idea what your doing and since everything is pre-portioned the clean up is quick and easy, which is another bonus for a family who has kids running all over the place non stop! Lastly, make sure you hold onto that recipe book they give you, so you can make those recipes even after the week is up!


Go online today and check out the upcoming recipes for the next week! Whenever you want to order make sure you put in the code EXTRASPARKLES50 and you will get $25 off your first two boxes! Make your life easier!

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