Help your child’s dreams become a reality with CST Spark!

Staying at home with my two little minis during these unprecedented times has given me a lot of time to think about the importance of education for our children. I mean, teaching a four-year-old and trying to get him to listen has been more difficult than I could ever imagine. But, at the same time, seeing how his little mind races and the things he comes up with makes me so proud and excited for his bright future.   This time at home has got me thinking more and more about my kids’ education and what they will need to be successful in life.

The thought of their future got me thinking. I’m sure most parents are aware of Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) and the important role they play in their children’s education, but it can be difficult to open, save and contribute especially during these times of uncertainty. Thankfully, I was introduced to CST Spark! CST Spark is the newest member of the Canadian Scholarship Trust (CST) Foundation family empowering Canadians to achieve their post-secondary education savings goals through easy-to-use technology on their digital devices, at any time. With physical distancing measures still in place, Canadians can open an RESP online, from the comfort of their own home.

In just a few minutes, you can open an RESP while your kids are asleep. For me this is great, as it makes contributing to their education easy and flexible. Since most stores have been closed, I decided that rather than buying the kids a new toy, I’ll take that money and easily invest in their bright future! As parents, I’m sure many of us have felt like we’re wasting money on new toy or clothes, however I encourage you to consider putting those extra dollars towards your child’s education. CST Spark’s RESP is called CST Bright Plan™ and is a smart, simple and flexible option for your family.

CST Bright Plan is the first of its kind and is based on an investment strategy built for RESPs. So when your kids want to become a doctor or an astronaut, and you know their future education will cost an arm and a leg, CST Bright Plan can help your child’s dreams become a reality. CST Bright Plan is professionally managed and invested in a pool of exchange-traded funds – ETFs – to reduce risk while maximizing gains. What’s unique to CST Bright Plan is that your investment is rebalanced as your child ages with the goal of maximizing growth early (with equities) and preserving your gains closer to graduation (with fixed income securities).

So take a little time with your family and start thinking about what’s important. To see if CST Bright Plan is right for you visit or call them at 1-800-461-7100.

 This is a sponsored post in partnership with CST Spark. All opinions and commentary are my own and should not be construed as investment advice. C.S.T. Spark Inc. is the exclusive distributor of CST Bright Plan which is sold by prospectus.

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