Holidays with Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel

ITS OFFICAL! The holidays are here and its time to start shopping and spoiling our loved ones- Am I right?

I want to talk to you about something that, personally, I cannot live without.  I know I have told you all about this before, but I’m serious when I say, I take it with me on every vacation and I always have it with me at home!  It’s something that I think would make the absolute perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer.


Traditional dry skin products have a tendency to be primarily made of water which, for the most part, just evaporates when it comes into contact with your skin.

Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel is made from oil (the key here), so it feels “warm” on application.

Also when thinking of your loved ones, humidity levels tend to drop off in the autumn and winter months and the drier the air, the more moisture it sucks from your skin, so you’re more likely to experience dryness!

Yup, I know the gift of hydrated skin is sounding better each and every second you read this. I mean then again thats what I am here for, right!

Last, but not least, I hope some notes on what I found about this product help you out and rule out any questions you may have:

  • When using Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel it’s primarily oil, so you will find you need way less to cover the same body area as your typical cream, which means you are also saving money.
  • Yes it is suitable for all skin types
  • Hypoallergenic – for someone that has a problem with this I am here to tell you its alllll gooood!
  • When you hear oil its so quick to assume its going to be soo greasy, but the good news is I can assure you its says non-greasy for a reason
  • It is definitely long-lasting and soothing relief

So when stumped on a stocking stuffer or gift idea just remember, what’s better then the gift of hydrated skin? Not too much and this is on my top 3 gift ideas this season!

…oh and pat on the back for all the running around you’re doing, but now I think its time to spoil yourself also by picking up some Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel, well, just because!

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