How To Throw Your Own LEGO Party

For those of you who know me, you know that I love Birthdays and throwing parties!  When it comes to my little boys I go all out and try to ensure everything looks and goes perfect.  First off, the theme is the most important part of any child’s birthday party or just a party for a fun occasion. The theme I chose for this party was none other than LEGO.  Mason and Asher are obsessed with everything LEGO and let’s face it, with all the different LEGO sets and themes out there the ideas are endless. 

Let me share with you how to carry out an out of this world LEGO party so your child’s birthday dreams come true! For me, it all starts with the decorations! Having the LEGO Classic Basic Bricks Set was my starting point and from there it was incorporating the appropriate colours, party favours, anything DIY and all the little details to go along. We then added the LEGO DUPLO Submarine Adventure Set just because, well its adorable, and for the younger children the LEGO DUPLO sets are much easier to play with. This LEGO set is something that Mason currently will NOT stop playing with and of course why not get all his little friends on board?

To start I created these quick and easy DIY table centre pieces.  A quick trip to the dollar store to get terrariums and then I just added the Classic LEGO bricks inside and “viola,” a perfect little centerpiece which everyone will talk about.  You put about four of five of these around the party and they really bring the Classic LEGO colours and theme to life. Following with the colour scheme decided we would go with a red, yellow, blue and green which is always easy to follow.  I also got these versatile LEGO Minifigure Storage Head’s (you can also use this to put cutlery in as added decor), to be used as a main centrepiece and of course to store some extra LEGO bricks. What a great purchase!

Keeping in line with the colour scheme, we ensured we had the appropriate colour chairs, table cloths, napkins, plates, cutlery and pretty much anything else you can imagine!  I mean ensuring all the little details are consistent is what makes your party stand out! I’m in love with how the table setting turned out. And of course, no party is complete without Happy Birthday balloons.

Lastly, and my favourite part of any party is the party favours and I’ve made it a priority to always ensure the bags go along with the them and I make them myself.  For this LEGO Birthday Party, once again, I incorporated the Classic colours and made simple bags which didn’t take much time at all.  I simply cut six circles and glues them on each bag reflecting LEGO bricks, for some I added LEGO minifigure heads just because and gave them each their very own LEGO Classic Basic Bricks Set! It really doesn’t get much easier than that!

So then next party (whether it’s a birthday or just for fun) you have to take my advice!  

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