Imperial and the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation- Teaching Innovation at all Ages

Being a mom comes with its fair share of ups and downs, but there is something all moms must learn quickly along the way – that is to innovate! No matter what, my little munchkins are going to have their good days and bad days and sometimes it goes from zero to one-hundred in a blink of an eye. But, I’ve learned if you can find innovative ways to keep your children from doing what you don’t want them to do, then I say you’ve won as a parent! If Mason is about to have a tantrum and I can use a paper bag to make him smile, I consider it a win. As moms, we innovate every day, from preparing dinner when we have nothing in our fridge or cupboards to trying to get our kids to sleep when they would rather jump on their bed.

This being said, I’m only referring to the little innovative moments I come up with from time to time as a mom. But innovation is all around us – from university classrooms and science labs to oil sands – Canadians continually seek to improve the lives of other Canadians and those across the world. The Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation recognizes those who demonstrate the potential of discovering, celebrating and rewarding Canadian innovators of all ages. Isn’t this so great? I recommend you looking at it by visiting their website – I mean I will always push Mason and Asher to strive for the best and it’s nice to know foundations exist to help inspire our little ones as they grow.

Imperial is partnering with the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation to support the 2018 Symposium & Pitch Competition, highlighting the 2018 Manning Innovation Award winners and three emerging innovators from the University of Toronto. The Innovation Symposium provides valuable insights and advice, which will get attendees inspired to persevere and get into action. My personal favourite innovation winner was the world’s first fully compostable compost bin. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t already!

Now unfortunately, my little guys weren’t able to make it out to the symposium this time, but as they grow and technology advances, there will be more and more innovations in the future. My hope is maybe Mason or Asher will be inspired enough and, who knows maybe one day will be a recipient of an award as influential as a Manning Innovation Award! Fingers crossed.

For now, I’ll just look forward to the 2019 Awards.


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