Inclusive Education Month with Microsoft

So as some of some of you may know February is Inclusive Education Month in Canada and as it draws to a close, it’s a great reminder that Inclusive Education is an important issue all year. Microsoft is working with partners like Fair Chance Leaning to bring inclusive learning tools to the classroom. Personally speaking, Mason is in daycare full-time and they have been doing an amazing job with teaching him his alphabet and his numbers. I know I sound like I am lying, but I can even send you a video of him counting to 20 and knows his whole alphabet. He even knows how to count to ten in Greek, which has blown us away!

Since Mason has shown us such an interest in learning we have now introduced him to our Surface Pro and he uses Word and Excel to type letters and numbers.  He has so much fun just watching the letters pop up on the screen at the push of a button. He especially loves when you type the letters of his name, M-A-S-O-N. But, one thing I learned when introducing Mason to Word was that Microsoft offers many learning tools which can help anyone regardless of age or ability. OneNote is a tool anyone can use to engage their children when teaching them to read and write.  You can use the tool to read text “aloud” for you (not surprisingly, the feature is called Read Aloud) and you can even speak to your computer and it will write it in text.  I mean these are just a couple little things that anyone can use to help educate.  Whether you’re at home or in the classroom having these accessible programs is something I never had growing up.   When I was in school we had the dial up tone to get internet!  I mean times have changed so much over the past few years.

Its such a relief to know that if any child is a little behind or advancing quickly there are tools we can take advantage of to help our children learn in an environment which suits their needs in our classrooms and day to day life. We have Microsoft to thank for that. Oh how the times have changed and I’m not complaining.

If you want to learn more about Microsoft in the classroom, click here for more info!


12 thoughts on “Inclusive Education Month with Microsoft”

  • what an interesting blog post about implementing technology into the class room and at such a young age. I’m also blown away that your kid can count to 20 in greek. You’re raising a little genius!

  • Wow, it’s so amazing how far technology has come! My nephew is completely reading since 3 thanks to Hooked on Phonics. When I was in technology class we had dial up as well! And all they taught you was how to type. Good for your family, he’s going to be so smart!

  • This sounds like such a cool thing! I love seeing your little guy look so intrigued with it! Great post, thanks for sharing.

  • Living in Canada I feel this is something I should have been aware of though I really appreciate you bringing this into my radar, as its so important. And definitely the way of the future!

  • awwww look at that sweet baby getting in touch with technology. I am so intrigued by this, and love all the use of technology at a young age.

  • Kids are so lucky these days with the use of technology. Its so fun watching their brains process the information. Great post!!

  • How awesome is that! I’m in the process of teaching my four-year-old how to read and write as well. I will try to incorporate Microsoft into it.

  • Very cool! I recently read that there is a significant difference for little ones in “screen time” TV vs. playing educational games and computer learning.

  • As a former educator, I couldn’t agree with you more that inclusive education is so important! What a wonderful piece of technology you have highlighted!

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