Its “snot” your average wipe…

When you open up my linen closet, especially at this time of year, it’s impossible not notice the stash of Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes we haveWhy? Well because they are that good! Seriously. I have always used these for the boys and will continue to do so – well always! This upcoming season is no different, I’m all prepared for what’s about to happen to my mini’s little noses over the next few months.

What’s so special about them? I can totally see people asking what’s the difference between these and a traditional tissue which may have Aloe Vera or something? There’s a lot!

Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes are actually made with natural saline to dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the colds, allergies and anything else that might try to get at your mini. It comes in three amazing scents – Fresh Scent (my personal FAVOURITE), Great Grape, and Simply Unscented. By using saline wipes instead of dry tissues, I’ve also noticed a huge difference when it comes to dryness around their nose – it’s nonexistent now! Before I would sometimes wait until my little boys had a buildup of snot before wiping, only because I knew I would be wiping and wiping until their little nose was red and hurting. Well, not anymore!

They are sooo good that we even have the boys’ daycare buying them on the regular! And I don’t blame them 🙂 The pack is resealable, perfect to keep the moisture in! So, the next time your little mini has a runny nose, don’t feel bad about the constant wiping. Just use Boogie Wipes® saline nose wipes!

Remember, they are “snot” your average wipe! 😉

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  • OMG yes! Wet wipes for literally everything. Such a Korean thing lol But so good when you’re sick cause you don’t get as much irritation around your nostrils. xoxo love it

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