Madame Moje is about to Take Over Your World!

madamee1If there is one thing that I love, it’s showing support for (local Designers) fellow my Canadians. I came across Madame Moje and almost immediately felt my heart racing. Yes, I have fallen in love and I promise you, you will also. Madame Moje is a Toronto based Fashion Design house, which gives off the feel and look, of Parisian Elegance (anything that will make me look like a Parisian Princess is pretty much a need in my books).






The founders of this amazing brand tend to focus on using trends of past and current (which is always amazing and you are guaranteed timeless pieces). When I am wearing amazing pieces I want people to look at me in awe… as if I am wearing a piece of art and with Madame Moje it is just that.madamee

The art work they create (aka their clothes- DUH) are versatile, which I absolutely love. Personally, the fact that I can wear a lot of their pieces to an important work meeting and then throw on a pair of Louboutins and go meet my favourite ladies at the newest hot spot for pink martinis is a dream come true.

Another thing that has totally won me over is brand distinguished itself by being Made in Canada”, and this is itself is not very common.

So, how did such a talented brand even get its start? “Co-founder Malashnee Naidoo, born in South Africa, the creative director, as well as, her business partner and husband, Hamed Emtiaz started the Canadian brand after moving to Canada from Singapore in 2012.”

madamee2There is one thing I know for sure…We are going to be seeing alot more of Madame Moje and, let me tell you, I am more than ready for it. I haven’t seen lines, texture and structure in fashion pieces in a long while and now that its here, its about to take over the world.


Check out Madame Moje in Toronto, 23 Shops at Don Mills and 102 Yorkville Avenue. But don’t fret, you don’t just have to get these beauties in store only, you can have your order shipped anywhere in the world!



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