Mother’s Day DIY

With Mother’s Day less than three weeks away it makes you wonder even more… where did the time go? Time has been going extra fast since we’ve all been hibernating inside because of the shitty thing we call weather!
For me nothing means more than something from your minis. So while we were hiding from the ice storm we did two DIY projects for Mother’s Day all which cost $4 and under so let’s get started!

April showers bring May Flowers… so why not make mom or your grandmas something to put those in 🙂 We went to the dollar store where each ceramic flower pot was $1 along with paint colours which were also $1 each! First parents, draw the outline of the butterfly on your pot.
Dip your little ones finger in the paint and create wings! We did Mason’s thumbprint as the top and Asher’s in a different colour on the bottom. With these guys I’m not sure how “waterproof” it is so we use it as adorable spring/summer decor!
What’s Needed: Flower Pot, Permanent Marker, x2 paint colours.
Total Cost: $4

The second up is the love canvas that also can be hung up anywhere in the house!! Again with canvas’s being sold at the dollar store we grabbed that along with whatever shade you want to paint the canvas and black paint! We painted the canvas a colour for the background and I drew he “L”, used Mason’s hand for the “O”, used Asher’s little feet to create a “V” and I drew the “E”.
What’s Needed: Canvas, x1 coloured paint, black paint.
Total Cost: $3

So where the newest Gucci bag, some candles whatever it is would be nice to have. These little guys won’t be young forever so why not give the gift of a memory because I personally would take that over anything.

Feedback from Extra Sparkles Please

Make sure you remember to put the date on the little creations you guys make! And if you guys make these I would love for you to send me a DM on IG to show me how they turned out!

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