Mother’s Day with SportChek

Happy Mothers day to all my fellow momma’s out there!! Whether you’re a working mom, stay at home mom, single mom, or soccer mom, this Sunday (or as I believe, it should be the whole weekend-never is), is a time to relax and get spoiled. For me, this weekend will be split between getting spoiled by my boys and sharing in activities with them. When I told Luke I wanted to treat myself this Mother’s Day to things I really want and need, I didn’t think twice about that being none other then a trip to SportChek!

Whether its Mother’s Day or any other day SportChek is our go to place for everything. They carry all the brands we love and with the boys starting soccer and T-Ball in the next two weeks we are going to be spending more time there than we already have!

For me this Mother’s Day I grabbed myself some new active wear I want it to be comfortable in yet still be fashion forward, so check out this matching Nike gym bag and jacket! Like how cute is it having a matching set for your daily trip to the gym, running all your errands or to the soccer field to watch your kid! For Mason and Asher, its all about grabbing them the best sports equipment, along with that adorable little Under Armor zip ups, shoes or anything you need.

Now you guys can totally understand why SportChek is such a big part of our lives. It is the one store that is the most realistic to our life style and day to day needs, while getting the best quality items and knowing that the staff that work there are amazing!! Up next Father’s Day, SportChek is also Luke’s go to for all sports and outerwear!

Want to shop our most recent SportChek buys? Click below to get them now!

Georgia’s Nike Gym Bag

Georgia’s  Nike Waterbottle

Georgia’s Nike Sports Jacket

Mason and Asher’s Baseball Bats (Easton)- Available In Store

Mason and Asher’s Baseball Gloves

Mason and Asher’s Soccer Ball

Mason’s Under Armour Sweater- Available In Store

Asher’s Nike Zip-Up- Available In Store


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