Events are a pretty normal thing in the life of a blogger, and you start to pick and choose, so when I was invited to the Murale Fall/ 17 preview, it was one that I definitely wasn’t going to miss! If you haven’t been to a Murale store… get to one fast.

I walk into the Peter Pan Café, when the most delicious scent of French toast they are serving hits me and the PR girls are so sweet with the biggest smiles on their faces. As they should… they did an amazing job!

So basically, it’s a room to give you a “vision” so to say it’s a room filled with vendors and when I go up to each one they are letting us know how they will make our lives better this fall!

I took photos of a few of my favourites, but honestly, you will need to get to a store to really see it for yourself!

  • So Stila does something that makes every humans life that much better! I cannot wait to get my hands on their new duo foundation and concealer fast enough! Now you don’t need to throw two separate items in your purse, you will have your foundation, concealer and a mirror all in one! Thank you J
  • Eve Lom blew my mind and I was so happy to get a jar of their original balm cleanser. She put red lipstick on my skin (one of the hardest things to get off skin) and it literally came right off with no residue. So you won’t be worrying about that left over makeup staying behind!
  • Lipstick Queen definitely has three new lipsticks you are going to need. The collection of three is called “nothing but nudes” and well you get the point of their shades!
  • Saw my one of my fav lashes—Velour lashes that is! They are mink lashes that last up to 25 uses and are TOTALLY light weight so you won’t even know they are there!
  • Foreo has always been one of my favourite brands out there. They came in strong showing off their new Espada Acne Clearing Blue Light Pen (I can’t give away too much because there is a post coming in soon, but I can tell you its ance awareness month and this is a total must have). They brought in favourites, such as the LUNA (they have mens ones which Luke needs ASAP), IRIS and LUNA play! (TOOTHBRUSH WAS MIA—I NEED)
  • And lastly…. Nia skincare really hit my heart with their Sunday Detox Whipped Clay Peel-Off Mask. I mean, the name says it all… after a long week of being on your phone, a few drinks, a ton of makeup,(Basically my life with the only thing missing is a picture of two tiny humans), this is the perfect way to start your week off with your skin feeling like new!


Make sure you look out for these products some available now and some in the near future! And I would love to hear about your favourite products from your nearest Murale location!

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