My 6 Minute Daily Routine <3

So after finally not being pregnant anymore, I am back in full force and I could not be happier. I will have an update on everything for you guys soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you guys some products that have proven to me I just can’t live without— I mean, I am at home with a 3 week old and 1 1/2 year old most of the time, I need something to give me some life.

Washing my hair, getting              dressed and putting on makeup seems like a chore when you’ve been running around all day parenting. But, when I do those things I have to admit, watch out! I am a new woman ready to take over the world.

My day to day make up routine consists of eight products that literally take seven minutes out of my day to complete. So they’re kinda sorta is no excuse for me looking like the walking dead everyday (but maybe every other day 😉 

So here they are:

Step 1: Make Up For Ever Step 1 Nourishing Primer ($45.00)

There are a variety of different primers, but this one works for me because of the dryness in my face.  It does the trick while helping my makeup stick to my face ALL DAY, thank you very much.

Step 2: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (NW15… NW22 in the summer when i have that glow) ($33.00)

In years I haven’t strayed away and cheated on this tube of heaven… I mean full coverage without looking cakey? I will take it!

Step 3: MAC Studio Fix Press Powder ($33.00)

Press a little bit of this powder where you feel like you need it and shiny sweaty skin won’t be a problem you will be running into.

Step 4: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil (Medium/Deep Matte Bronzer) ($38.00)

Not only does it smell like chocolate, which actually makes life that much better, you just need to lightly dab your brush into it and apply it. It will literally last you forever and this will continue to always and forever be my bronzer of choice.

Step 5: MAC Mocha Matte Powder Blush ($27.00)

That little touch of pink to give a little colour to those cheek bones…. Its not to bright and because its so subtle that’s why I love wearing it everyday.

Step 6: The Face Shop Brow Master Eyebrow Kit ($14.00)

This eyebrow kit has been brought to women to make all their problems go away. I mean, people have stopped me because of my brows…Lets keep in mind when they are waxed also.  I have to thank this little kit for the life changing experience that also doesn’t break home girls bank.

Step 7: Too Faced Better Then Sex Mascara ($30.00)

You guys know how I feel about this mascara. It takes one coat and BAM who needs lash extensions?

Step 8: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick— Backtalk! ($21.00)

This is my new favourite product, like ever…. I will be posting an individual post just on these new guys I have adopted into my makeup family (insert heart eyes here)


All these products are available online or at brand stand alone locations or Sephora’s so I mean get going!

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