My After Sun Routine with Bio-Oil

So I’m back and I’m here to remind you all about one of my favourite skincare products – Bio-Oil!  Last year at around this time I told you all about the amazing things I use Bio-Oil for – Including for hair care!  Well, I’ve been on a few tropical vacations this year and, yes, I still pack my Bio-Oil where ever I go. Since its such a versatile product I always make sure I have it on me!  Typically, you apply Bio-Oil twice daily for the results you want.  I’ve always used it for my dry skin, which I get when I head out for some sun and fun at the beach our pool. Lets just say there is nothing better then coming back from a day in the sun and giving your skin the hydration and love that it deserves.

But, let me tell you about some more amazing things Bio-Oil does for us.  Aging skin – Just apply some a couple times daily and the ingredients should improve the texture and tone of your skin! I’ve been applying this to some of the small wrinkles I’ve noticed and its great!  Just trying to catch them early. Or do you have some uneven skin tone spots or stretch marks?  Well, again apply twice daily for about a minimum of three months and you tell me the difference.  I can’t tell you all how much I love this stuff.

Bio-Oil is made from plant extracts and vitamins and contains the ingredient PurCellin™ which makes it light and non-greasy unlike most oil based products.  You need to check out the website to see all the awards and accolades Bio-Oil has received. or you can take it from me.  On your next visit to the store grab some Bio-Oil and start applying to any scar, stretch mark, skin tone spot or just dehydrated or aging skin.

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