My date with Jadah Doll x Too Faced

sephora15Okay, you can totally be jealous of how awesome my Saturday was! I mean, I got to spend it around Too Faced Cosmetics, amazing makeup artists at Sephora Eaton Centre doing complimentary makeovers and the amazing and adorable, Too Faced Lipstick Mafia Member and YouTube sensation, Jadah Doll.



The line of girls I saw with tears in their eyes was probably the cutest thing ever! It just goes to show what an impact Jadah has on all her followers. And, all the Too Faced products was so overwhelming, I felt like I NEEDED all of them… (PS I DO HAVE ALL OF THEM, so basically what I’m saying is I need another batch of them all).

Line up for Jadah Doll at Toronto Eaton Centre

Wearing the CUTEST white dress, which I need in my closet, like now, and after all the hugs, tears, and a ton of photos, I was so excited to get one on one time with Jadah to get some answers to questions so many women out there have for their idol! And, I will say, one thing I can tell everyone is, her hair is actually that PERFECT! *sigh* (I knew I should’ve worn a leather baseball cap.) Anyways, on with the interview.sephora3

Question 1:

Extra Sparkles Please “Your videos are amazing! What was your aha moment when you decided you wanted to start your own videos and YouTube channel?

Jadah Doll- “It started with Instagram – and I saw such a great response and people kept asking me how I did my hair. I did my first video at 17, and looking at it now its almost at 1,000,000 views!”sephora6

Question 2:

Extra Sparkles Please- “I saw you post the other day about Selena Gomez on Instagram and you were standing up to all the criticism about her quote on quote weight gain…. There should be more people like you out there…. Why did you feel you needed to address this issue to all your followers!?”

Jadah Doll- “I’m a huge feminist and my mom told me about what happened and what the media was saying about her. As long as Selena Gomez is having fun and feeling great about herself that is all that matters. Talking and making fun of her weight is wrong and its not fair she has to deal with that”

Complimentary Makeover Time!! Thanks Too Faced!

Question 3:

Extra Sparkles Please- “All your videos on YouTube are so fab, but which is the one that always stands out to you and why”

Jadah Doll- “My feminist video due to the fact that it helped alot of women understand. I wanted to be the voice to show them its the right path and we need to support eachother.

I like sparkles and I liked to play with Too Faced Cosmetics!


Question 4:

Extra Sparkles Please- “What is your favourite, can’t live without colour from the Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick by Too Faced??”

Jadah Doll- “FIG!!”sephora7

Question 5:

Extra Sparkles Please- What is your secret to always having perfect curls, because I am pretty sure half the world envys you!

Jadah Doll- “Thank you! Today I actually had to touch it up with the wand but my favourite product that I always use it Shea Moisture”

Jadah Doll and the talented Sephora Team!

Question 6:

Extra Sparkles Please- “What is your all time fav Too Faced product?”

Jadah Doll- “Better than sex mascara”  (she took the words out of my mouth)



So, that sums up my perfect little interview I had with Jadah Doll, and honestly, she actually is a doll. She is SO much fun, totally down to earth and so cute I could put her in my pocket. She is totally that person that you want to be best friends with! I had so much fun… being around a social media celebrity, around Too Faced make up and their amazing team, around the great Toronto Eaton Centre Sephora Team and I cannot forget the metallic chocolate lips that I couldn’t stop eating!

Be sure to check out the AMAZING Too Faced Mafia Video on YouTube:

Who doesn’t need a little hangover primer in their life?

and remember…. #tflipstickmafia



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