My Date with the Bachelor & Two Oceans

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a Bachelor Junkie! As parents we don’t get to have date nights often so we take advantage of some amazing reality TV, order a pizza and enjoy amazing wine once a week.

Last Wednesday marked the first episode Bachelor Canada, which meant Pizza Hut is on speed dial, chocolate roses are a NEED and my Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc is getting chilled in the fridge and I cannot put the kids to bed fast enough!

Why Two Oceans? Well, for many of reasons actually and if you don’t know this already, I am about to change your life – FOREVER (no I am not being dramatic). It is the wine everyone will be sipping on this season of the bachelor, the hint of fruit in each sip you take is sensational and ITS DOESN’T BREAK THE BANK. ($10 bottle of wine, that’s amazing?—YES PLEASE, I’LL TAKE TWO)

I could not even deal when I saw former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth make their appearance on the show. THAT WAS AN AMAZING SEASON—and I am so happy “the other guy” didn’t win! And when I saw squirrel girl? I mean is that real life though?

While watching Chris on his journey to find love I couldn’t help but think that Lara, Lyndsey or Mikaela will win. And then I also spent half an hour looking for Dee’s blue dress- clearly unsuccessful or else I would own it already. I got so invested in the show and my Two Ocean’s wine the bottle was finito and he still had five ladies to pick. Georgia Life Tips: NEVER RUN OUT OF WINE-EVER.

So as you can tell I am a white wine gal- although you don’t have to pull my leg. Luke on the other hand loves the Two Oceans Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot! I think it makes him feel fancy— so be it. Also fun fact: Two Oceans are products are crafted in Western Cape where the Indian Ocean (warm) meets the Atlantic Ocean (cold) and is sold in over 80 countries!

On that note I hope Chris finds his perfect pair because Georgia and Two Oceans sure is.


Is it Friday yet? Tune into the Bachelorette this Wednesday for episode two where they head to COSTA RICA and run to the LCBO and pick up the wine, which The Bachelor, his ladies and I are sipping on!

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