My dinner with Kate Spade

photoFor me, having the dining room table always set up adds so much more to the room and finishes the look, so to say. So, for me, Kate Spade is always making an appearance at my house. At some point in your life, everybody should own a really great place setting… And at first, I would keep them hidden and only bring them out for special occasions. Why do that? Technically speaking, its free decor, so make use out of it!

When I first laid my eyes on the Kate Spade Union Street 5 piece place setting, I knew I needed to have it. The classy look will never go out of style and the black and white with a touch of platinum detailing is just so, Classic.  Now, I do understand they are an investment (and you always have to buy more, just in case your husband accidentally drops and breaks a piece, you have back up — I speak from experience).  But, regardless, it is one of those things that just make it feel more like home.

Kate Spade has so many amazing dinnerware settings, I mean check out the Grace Avenue collection- It has a BOW on it, how much more can you ask for?! So everyone, take your good dishes out of storage (even though it’s not Christmas) and let them do their thing, adding a touch of beauty to your room!


Lastly, now that I have you on the computer, click this link to see what other dinner ware options Kate Spade has to offer. You won’t be let down- but, then again, when does Kate Spade EVER let anyone down?

Purchase your Union Street Place Settings either at Hudson’s Bay or Macy’s



If you’re like me you might get confused as to what all the plates are used for and what not — To be honest, I still don’t know but, I did find out that bowls are not included.  Bowls are a separate piece, so make sure to add those to your collection when you can! I mean who knows I might get creative and try to make soup one day…one day.


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