My “NUK” Obsession. . .

NUK5As much as reading up information on the hottest fashion and makeup trends are still my thing. I can’t help but be drawn to other things now… Like what you ask? Oh I don’t know, bottles, pacifiers, teethers! There are so many brands out there and when I find a couple of great ones I have to share with you mommy-to-be’s and mommy’s ASAP! (I have also got alot of feedback from women who use this brand with their baby’s everyday, which is great to hear)



My three favourite pacifiers are by NUK® and are Night Glow Orthodontic Pacifier, Small Talk Orthodontic Pacifier and Baby Talk Orthodontic Pacifier! Below you will see all their benefits and why these are great for your little munchkins. Here is a list of the pros and in colour it will tell you which pacifier it applies to!NUK1

  • Glows in the dark so it’s easy to find at night – (Night Glow Orthodontic Pacifier)
  • Our improved nipple soothes and calms baby better (All 3)
  • Orthodontic nipple promotes healthy oral development (All 3)
  • Promotes proper teeth alignment by avoiding thumb-sucking (All 3)
  • Heart-shaped shield fits under baby’s nose for extra comfort (All 3)
  • BPA-free, Top-rack dishwasher safe (All 3) (WOOHOO DISHWASHER SAFE)
  • Silicone; Sizes 0-6m, 6-18m; Available in 6 designs (Night Glow Orthodontic Pacifier, Small Talk Orthodontic Pacifier)
  • Silicone; Sizes 0-6m; Available in 4 designs  (Baby Talk Orthodontic Pacifier)

The other items that melted my heart, because there are baby elephants on them, are their Orthodontic Bottles. I read up on their benefits and what other people have to say, and I will say, people are LOVING these! So far I have a pack of three 10oz bottles, but they come in smaller sizes, as well. Here are some more facts on these must have bottles!:NUK2

  • NUK®Orthodontic Bottles promote healthy development
  • Orthodontic nipple angles up to reinforce correct tongue movement
  • Asymmetrical nipple design encourages proper jaw positioning
  • Unique drinking hole on the top side of the nipple aids digestion
  • NUK®1-piece Air System helps prevent colic, spit-up and gas
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Available in boy and girl designs
  • BPA-free
  • Silicone nipple; Sizes 5oz ; 10oz
  • Coordinates with Orthodontic Pacifiers and Learner Cups

So, that is a brand that I believe is going to be a huge help in August and items that I am stocking up on! And so many people in the mommy groups I am in, swear by them! Cannot wait to get more NUK® products because I cannot get enough of them!!!— NEXT ELEPHANT SIPPY CUPS!Advanced-Natural-Orthodontic-Shape-BLUE


For more information visit the NUK website: CLICK HERE

And you can pick this amazing brand up at your local babies’ r us and other participating retailers!




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