Nothing a little OPI and Coca Cola can’t fix

unnamedYou guys all know how I feel about nailpolish, and how much I LOVE OPI, so I felt this limited edition collection of nail lacquers and GelColor in honor of the Coca-Cola bottle’s century anniversary was a total must share with everyone… and a must  have!

I cannot get enough of this collection, it is PERFECT for the summer and a perfect way to celebrate a brand like Coca Cola which, might I add, I cannot live without. I love how they took the classic colours that everyone loved and added in two new ones to throw a twist. These true to the bottle shades are amazing and its one of those collections that I just can’t pick my favourite- I hate having that problem. This is the same collection that came out last year with the addition of two new colours, which makes it that much better!

The Coca Cola Icons of Happiness Collection includes:
Eight amazing true to the bottle shades that represent all of our favourite Coca Drinks.

Shades include:

A sparkly green named after yours truly (I like to tell myself that lol- and I am sticking to that answer)- Visions of Georgia Green (NEW)

Visions Of Georgia Green

This colour reminds me a pewter metal which makes it that much more fun- Centennial Silver (NEW)

Centennial Celebration

An amazing nude hue that is the perfect shade to bring out that hot summer tan of yours- You’re So Vain-illa


You’re So Vain-illa

Red, a classic stunning red, it does not get any more “classic” then that- Coca-Cola Red

Coca-Cola Red

A silver that brings the Diet Coke can to life- My Signature is “DC”

My Signature is DC

I LOVE THIS PINK, not your typical pink shade with a creamy tinge to it- Sorry I’m Fizzy Today

Sorry I’m Fizzy Today

Feeling edgy this summer? This black cherry colour will make any summer trend that much better- Get Cherried Away

Get Cherried Away

A dark purple that totally works for any season- A Grape Affair


A Grape Affair


Check out these shades online or get them from a salon nearest you.

Also some secret news I would like to share, OPI will now be carried at Hudson’s Bay! (You heard it first)



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